[EN] QtQuick Window default height

In this article I will describe a behavior that is not described in the Qt documentation I read. I used Qt 5.10.1 on an up-to-date Windows 10 system. When using the Window QtQuick type, the default height of it is 0 and when its property named „visible” is set to true, the height gets transformedContinuă lectura „[EN] QtQuick Window default height”

[EN] qt-cli-folder-index

A simple command line program that lets the user describe directories (folders) using words and links to files/directories, such that s/he can create, for example, a table of contents page. I have developed a program with a graphical user interface for the user based on the same ideea. If you want to find more aboutContinuă lectura „[EN] qt-cli-folder-index”

[EN] qt-unelte-dex

DEX comes from „Dicționarul EXplicativ al Limbii Române” translated to English by „The Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language”. qt-unelte-dex is a program whose title is translated in English to „DEX tools”. Features: – search for definitions of a term or for the definitions of the terms that have as a flexionary form the searchedContinuă lectura „[EN] qt-unelte-dex”

[EN] web-darmaths

An educational software for Mathematics, written in Google’s Dart programming language, as a web page. Current features:– textarea matrix editor;– matrix editor with textboxes for each matrix cell;– multiedit matrix editor with checkboxes;– matrix calculator with addition and substraction;– conversion of current edited matrix to JSON array of columns or to JSON array of lines.Continuă lectura „[EN] web-darmaths”