I have experience with C# of about 3 years. I have learned it in the University and after. I like it because it is more logical and structures code better than JavaScript. I like a lot that the types are mandatory.

I have experience with WinForms of about one year, starting in the University. Timed Silver was written in WinForms in that year and then I rewrote it in WPF. As it is known, WinForms is old and unmantained, but it learned me to think in OOP style and imperatively, to work with lots of methods without a very good GUI designer, without separating the GUI from the code-behind.

I have experience with WPF of about one year. Since I rewrote Timed Silver in WPF and until I started with Unity I have worked with WPF. It is very beautiful and flexible. I like that any XAML element can be also expressed imperatively. I like that I have access, practically, to the code of Windows OS through the control templates and styles. I am enthusiastic about .NET Core.

I have experience with Unity of about 3 months. I like that the scripts are structured imperatively and OOP can be used easily, and that the scene view in Unity is a very pleasant, fast and beautiful editor. I like that the Unity editor uses scripts as components and supports prefabs.

I have experience with Windows of many years (most of the games I played were on Windows), and my favorite version is still 7 although for many years I have used 10. I used it because I learned in school about WinForms and WPF and because of the experience with WPF I now use Windows and I am a little bit of a fan. After all, the dream that everybody should have a PC in their homes is owned by the founder of Microsoft.

I have experience with Visual Studio of a few years, I used it for WinForms, WPF and now I use it for Unity too.

What about you?

I’m 24. I first saw a computer in kindergarden and I was fascinated by the 3D moving text screensaver in, probably, Windows 95. I went at highschool informatics olympics. I am fascinated by how the open source community creates wonderful things for free. I have worked in a web development team, Jillix, and the experience has teached me a few things: I like languages with static type-checking, I like polishing the code details and visualising it.

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