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Below is the documentation of my attestate project from the 12nd grade in highschool.

Usage of the program

The program presents 4 menus and a space destinated to the content shown, space which by default shows a list with information about the inserted teachers.
The information inserted in the program is structured like this: a list with information about teacher, each teacher has associated: a name, a list with information about the schools where s/he teaches, a list with information about the classes where he teaches and a list with information about the restrictions regarding the timetable.
Information about schools where a teacher teaches are the name of the school, the halves of hour in the week when the teacher can be present in that school.
Information about classes where a teacher teaches are the name of the class, the scool in which the class is and the numer of hour per week (in steps of a half of an hour) in which the teacher at which the class is inserted, must teach this class.
Information about restrictions regarding the timetable are the reason of the restriction and the halves of hours from the teacher’s timetale in which it applies.

The Fișier menu contains the options Deschide…, Salvează, Salvează ca… și Închide.
By selecting Deschide… a new window will open in which an input file will be selected for the program, in JSON format (with the extension .json).
By selecting the option Salvează the unsaved changes in the opened input file are saved.
With Salvează ca… a new copy of the dates inside the current session of the program is saved as a .json file in the file system of the computer.
Through selecting the option Închide the input file opened before is closed and the session’s data in the program is cleaned.

The menu Editare has the options Adaugă un profesor…, Șterge profesorul.
By selecting the option Șterge profesorul the teacher selected in the list of teachers is eliminated from the list.
By selecting the option Adaugă un profesor… a new window for inserting the information of a new teacher is opened.
The window contains fields or boxed of type list for the name of the teacher, the schools, classes and tje restrictions associated to him/her, buttons for adding or deleting schools, classes or restrictions and buttons for adding the teacher (Adaugă) or to cancel the form (Anulează).
When the Adaugă o școală button is clicked a new window is opened in which the name of the school is inserted and the hours when the teacher can be present in that scool are selected.
When the Adaugă o clasă button is clicked, a new window is opened which has fields for the name of the class, the school to whom the class belongs, the number of hours per week in which the teacher teaches the class.
When the Adaugă o restricție button is clicked, a window is opened in which the reason of the restriction is inserted and the hours affected by the restriction.

The menu Vedere has two options, Lista cu profesori and Creează orarele. The default mode is Lista cu profesori (it is seen at the startup of the program). When the creation of the timetables from the inserted information is wanted, the Creează orarele option is selected and in this way we enter the second section of the application.
In the timetable creation section, in the left side is the panel where the timetables will be shown. In the right part, in the two white boxes, there will be shown filtres. By default, on the left are shown all the generated timetables. In the panel in the right the user can select the display of just the teachers’ timetables, just the timetable of a single teacher, the schools’ timetables, the timetable/s of a single school or of a single class.
The button Înlătură filtrul eliminates the filter selected with the two list boxes above.
The option Salvează în format HTML orarele afișate… opens a window in which a file in HTML format can be saved containing all the timetables shown in the left panel.
The button Recalculează orarele builds a new set of timetables starting from the dates inserted in the mode Lista cu profesori, which may be modified.

The menu Program contains the options Despre program… and Documentație și ajutor….
The option Despre program… opens a window with the name of the progra, of the author and his email address.
The option Documentație și ajutor… opens a window with descriptions of the actions of the items in the program’s menus. (The documentation in this blog post, but available only in Romanian)

Screenshots here.

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